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Medical Spotlight - June 2022

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June: Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month.

Degenerative disease that causes and progressive decline in memory and other mental functions.  Causes of Alzheimer’s include combination of age-related issues, genetic, lifestyle and Environmental factors play a big role in developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Loss of memory and confusion
  • Difficulty learning new things, manifested as anxiety when exposed to new things
  • Language dysfunction, manifested as word finding difficulty, the culture with the reading writing and working with numbers
  • Difficulty with organizing task
  • Abnormal logical thinking
  • Very showed attention span
  • Difficulty coping and emotional outburst

How to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Eating healthy, avoid excessive carbohydrate, include fruits and vegetables and healthy nuts your diet.  Basically balanced diet
  • Exercise, at least 150 minutes moderate intensity exercise like fast walking
  • Socially active and learn new things
  • Proper sleep hygiene
  • Life style modifications also includes : Stopped smoking, Avoid excessive alcohol


  • Clinical diagnosis. 
  • Memory testing to assess the stage of Disease
  • MRI brain; help to assess extend of cell loos( atrophy) but not diagnostic.
  • Variety of imaging modalities including structural and functional MRI and positron emission tomography (PET) studies of cerebral metabolism with fluoro-deoxy-d-glucose (FDG) and amyloid tracers ( Most insurance don’t cover)

How to treat Alzheimer’s disease

  • No cure
  • Memory enhancing medications to keep the activities of daily living independent.  Whole family/caregiver approach