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Medical Spotlight - July 2022

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July is Mental Health Awareness Month

Neurological disorders and Mental health are two intricated issues. Even though our Practice is purely neurological care, there are several diseases including Migraine, Seizure Disorder and Auto Immune Disorders that can be affected by mental health issues. Psycho-Social issues play a huge role in exacerbations of above conditions. Also untreated depression can lead to memory and attention issues. Majority of our younger patients who complained of memory loss actually had Pseudo-Dementia, a term that indicates that the memory issue is secondary to other conditions such as depression, anxiety and other psychiatrist disorders. A person’s well-being is woven with perfect harmony of Physical, Mental, Social and spiritual well-being. So, in our practice we use psychiatry and psychology consultations to assist us to achieve that goal. Please reassess your own health as well as that of your loved ones, and if anybody needs help, please seek out help. There is no social dilemma in getting the proper help we all need.