What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures and abnormal behavior or sensations due to nerve cell disruption in the brain.

Main Symptom


  • Focal seizures
    • seizure results from abnormal activity in one part of the brain
  • Generalized seizures
    • seizure results from abnormal activity in all parts of the brain
*symptoms of a seizure include temporary confusion, staring spells, loss of muscle control/function, and loss of conscience


  • Genetic influence
  • Head trauma
  • Brain conditions
    • Ex.) previous stroke or tumors can lead to epilepsy
  • Infectious diseases
    • Ex.) such as meningitis and AIDS can lead to epilepsy
  • Prenatal injuries
    • Before birth, babies can suffer brain damage if exposed to infections or lack of essential elements which might cause epilepsy
  • Developmental disorders
    • Ex.) autism

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